Inspired by Building Science: Balancing traditional economic goals with social and environmental concerns has created a new measure of building performance. In order to respond effectively to these challenges, successful developers, architects, and construction companies will have to move beyond current boundaries and envision solutions that balance economic, human, and environmental considerations. Our core skill sets in architecture, construction, building science, and training are combined to help project teams implement, measure, and communicate project goals and values. The emerging concepts of environmental stewardship and green building will only be sustainable when both financial and social value are delivered.

  • Buildings today are complex, and understanding the interactions that occur with building systems and components, especially related to durability and the dynamics of moisture, heat, and air require a great deal of knowledge and experience.

  • Using a common 'green language', such as LEED or ENERGY STAR, to guide the design and construction process creates financial and social value while reducing implementation costs.

  • Education and training help lower both first costs and life cycle costs associated with a project. We provide before and after training to reduce up-front project costs and once built, help communicate the 'value proposition' and unlock market opportunities.