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Jane Cizik Garden Place


The Women's Home


Houston, TX

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The Women’s Home is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational, non-profit United Way agency. Founded in Houston in 1957, The Home’s reputation has grown alongside its facilities in both size and stature. Within the region, there are 19 facilities for men that are approved by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and only five for women, thus the need to assist women is great. The Women's Home program provides women in crisis an opportunity to reclaim their lives with a three-phase, 18 month residential rehabilitation program. The intense program includes group counseling, life recovery skills, vocational training and other skills needed to build self-sufficiency and self-esteem. The Home is dedicated to help women escape cycles of homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness, receiving room and board, professional counseling and job training. When women complete the program, they are equipped mentally, emotionally and fiscally to rebuild their lives and re-establish relationships with their loved ones.


While The Women’s Home has been very successful in moving women into places to live, their still is a shortage of housing. Due to rising rental rates, women are increasingly forced into housing situations that are inadequate for someone recovering from substance abuse or dealing with a mental illness. Because women have trouble finding adequate housing at affordable rates, The Women’s Home is building 87 units of affordable, 'green' housing with supportive services nearby so that graduates and other women in the community can have a safe, stable place to live.

Nearing completion is "Jane Cizik Garden Place" - a new affordable apartment complex, owned by The Women's Home. The new facility is an addition to their very successful program for women in crisis. The facility includes 87 one-bedroom apartments, a two-bedroom apartment for a property manager, a clubhouse, and a tranquil courtyard with extensive landscaping features. The complex will be LEED certified and is scheduled to open in December, 2010.

Until the construction of "Jane Cizik Garden Place," the residential accommodations provided to participants were available only while they were in the program. "Jane Cizik Garden Place" however, offers a safe, affordable place to reside for the participants after they complete the program, as well as other women in the community.

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