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Lars Frazer Photography

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Sustainable Sites

4225 Camacho


Catellus Development Group


Austin, TX

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Situated within the first phase of the development at the old Robert Mueller Municipal Airport in Austin, this custom home is envisioned as part of a sustainable, mixed-use urban community in the heart of Austin. The award-winning Mueller master plan and the ambitious Master Development Agreement with Catellus Development Group and the City of Austin are the culmination of decades of community planning efforts from visionary neighbors and active citizens. The 700-acre Mueller site, vacated when Austin's airport relocated in 1999, is well on its way to becoming home to approximately 10,000 people, 10,000 employees, 10,500 construction jobs, more than 4,900 homes and 140 acres of public open space.


The Mueller community is inspired by the neighborhoods Austin loves. They are traditional, yet eclectic—consistent and harmonious. With this in mind, the project team of Michael Hsu Office of Architecture and The Muskin Company were asked to participate in the 2010 Parade of Homes and design a green and sustainable home in-line with the visionary community, economic and development goals.

To help deliver a high performance home, Contects worked with the Center for Maximum Building Potential to create a comprehensive but single green checklist or “Crosswalk” for the project team to follow. This combined green checklist included climate appropriate measures from the LEED for Homes Green Rating System, the Austin Green Building Program, ENERGY STAR, and NAHB Green Building Guidelines. Merging the separate programs into one checklist allowed the project team to stay focused on the sustainable goals, schedule, and budget without worrying about specific program paperwork.

“One of the “greenest” features that a home can have is quality and durability over time." Alan Muskin

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