Leed Certification

1371 Woodcrest


Justin Gordon


Houston, TX

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Green Rater:

Project Goal:

The residence at 1371 Woodcrest was previously-developed but long since vacant lot before it was bought up by client and builder Justin Gordon. Originally, he pursued Energy Star v3.0 certification but soon decided to also attempt to achieve LEED certification. He wanted to construct a house that would serve both as his personal home and as an example to clients of the possibilities of Energy Star and LEED.


This project shows the viability of a spacious and beautiful, but energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly home. The team put forth extra effort to avoid wood from tropical forests. Originally, a large exterior door made of African mahogany was ordered but once the LEED ban on tropical wood was brought to light, a poplar door was ordered, and the team stained the wood to emulate mahogany. Beyond the environmental stewardship, they were pleased to discover that non-tropical doors were less expensive than and just as stunning as tropical wood doors. The team also became more familiar with the LEED landscaping requirements; drought-tolerant plants such as fox tail fern and dwarf bottle bush were substituted for the water-intensive, invasive plant species conventionally installed. The owner and potential clients were especially impressed with the occupancy sensors for the bathroom fans, which silently and automatically function in the background to remove unwanted humidity at minimum energy expense. In addition, nearly 100 six-inch LED lights were installed and about 88% of construction waste was recycled.

The team recognized the great attention to detail required to meet the standards for energy-efficiency and environmental-consciousness in new houses, and the members wear the LEED silver certification badge proudly. Now the builders are committed to building to Energy Star standards and always encourage potential clients to pursue LEED certification.

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